Special — 06.20.2018

The Chats Trilogy: Mischief, Humor and Velvet Paws

La nuit tous les chats sont gris : challenge accepted
Everything began in 2013. Frédéric Sablayrolles, director of the production and Antoine Gomez, cellar master, were working on a new kind of rosé. Test are made and 100hl are vinified. The tasting stage will reveal a very light robe rosé with light grey glints “ And aromatic bomb. We needed to find a name. We were facing a grey wine... The Chartreux, those grey-bleu cats... Ok lets go for La nuit tous les chats sont gris (During the night all cats are grey). At this point, no one thought about making a trilogy” explains Christophe Novara, CEO of the winery.

A very long name for a cuvée! This doesn't follow the formal rule of marketing: an easy and short name to remember. And yet, the challenge was accepted. Gianfranco Pontillo, the artistic director, worked on the label. He played with the letters and finally found the right typography. “The label's star is not the cat itself”, explains Gianfranco, “The stars are the words and letters and I loved to play with them.” The graphic result is elegant, play-full and a bit mysterious... like an alley cat running on a rooftop at night.
The first bottles were sold in 2014. Behind the marketing concept, the winemaking method was so rigorous that success came quickly.
Chamasûtra, let's dare !
A few months later, we thought about a wine targeting the new consumers. An enjoyable wine, fresh, smooth and nice. A sensual red wine that will goes perfectly with the freshness of "La Nuit tous les Chats sont gris". A limited set, made from Merlot and Syrah, was born on the Saint Valentin day of 2015. Its name: Chamasûtra…

A dark label "Unlimited Love" as a promise of an eternal love. In order to keep a good visibility, Chamasûtra offers a more classic and symmetric design. Love is all about balance, isn't it?
Je donne ma langue au Chat, a white wine as a riddle
A rosé, a red wine... we needed a new “drinking story” so we created an atypical white wine “ We had among our cooperators some ingenious winemakers who have implanted an Alsatian grape variety into the Pujaut's lands: the Gewurztraminer. We decided to associate it with a Mediterranean grape variety : “the Viognier “, Christophe Novara tells us. An unexpected blending that looks like a riddle : "so, which grapes? ", more than one taster has failed to answer ! So, the name came to us: Je donne ma langue au Chat, literally I give ma tongue to the cat, which means... I have no idea!

For the last born of this trilogy, launched in 2017, the design was nostalgic and childlike : a white paper, an ink stain and a scholar calligraphy. Gianfranco explains : “ I wanted to evoke an obsolete atmosphere that matches our childhood proverbs.”
To complete this trilogy, we found an expression, as a label name, that reminds us the world of riddles and child games which illustrates perfectly the moment when we let the wine plays with our tongue and palate. Now, let's keep in mind those Colette's word “ The time spent with cats is never wasted...”
Nathalie D.

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Durenceau M.


Je sors d'un verre de "chat de nuit gris" : un rosé qui en dit long, pour moi destiné à d'autres mets que les viandes grillées et d'autres moments plus intimes qu'un barbecue sous le soleil cuisant. Un chat chartreux, classe et soyeux !

Mathilde R


Le chamasutra est devenu depuis peu MON vin rouge préféré pour l'apéritif !

Sony Tamba Tamba