Nouvelles cuvées EN — 08.01.2017

Summer time means Rosé time. A drink outside, a pic-nic lunch, a diner under arbors... The rosé is making celebration. To please your palate, there is a tasty wine able to mix conviviality, freshness and lightness. A 100% grenache noir wine with a very light robe with pinky glints which will complement nicely your fishes, white meats, and stewed dishes. A nose with citrus aromas, red fruits and white flowers with a great freshness on the palate.

A rosé wine full of finesse and elegance, that will have its place on your table from autumn to spring!

Did you know?

The rosé is elaborated with two winemaking techniques. The direct press rosé is made with black grapes immediately pressed and an immediate winemaking as for a white wine. This technique offers light wines not so much tannic.

For the bleeding rosé, you use black grapes as for the red wine but with a shorter fermentation. Once we reach the pinky color, we extract a certain amount of jus and put it in an other tank for fermentation. The rest of the jus is vinified as a red wine
Nathalie D.